What Is BarnabasAD?

When enduring terrible tribulation and suffering from the adversary, and his human and demonic agents, the Lord’s mercy and love encouraged and strengthened Paul; and then he could share those horrific personal experiences—and God’s faithful mercy and comfort— to encourage other travelers on life’s pathway (read the list of his sufferings in 2nd Corinthians 11:16—33).
In these Meditations for Mighty Men I am not comparing my sufferings with Paul’s, I am copying Paul’s example of sharing experiences with others to comfort and strengthen them when facing hardships and trials. I had no one to mentor or teach me by their knowledge and experience, and it took me decades to discover the principles I share. I am blessed and inspired by the Lord to share my knowledge and experience, and that is the purpose of these Meditations.By sharing my experiences and understanding of Bible principles, I can help others build a solid foundation for their faith to deal with the hardships and trials that come their way. That is exactly what the Apostle Paul did as recorded in 2nd Corinthians 1:3—6.

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What Is BarnabasAD?

Mighty Men

King David’s Mighty Men

This is a web site about everyday Christians growing into Mighty Men of faith and victory. The idea was birthed when several young men asked me to help them deal with sexual temptation, learn how to pray and how to decide what to do after high school. In answering these questions I realized many young people finish high school with few—or no—occupational skills, and have no idea what type of career to pursue. Some have tried college and don’t like it, or college may be too expensive to go full-time. Many are disillusioned by the cultural, political correct curriculum which is often devoid of honest American History and Christian principles; and the degree of drinking, drugs and partying is destructive of moral values. I sensed that one of the greatest needs for young men and new converts is to understand Bible (Christian) principles—upon which they can discover God is alive today and thus build their lives with purpose and peace; and have God’s eternal blessing. Many of these Christian principles also apply to women, and I share principles of Mighty Women in the Bible.

Looking through fifty plus years of teaching notes in church and on the mission field, I quickly formed meditations to help these young Christians understand Bible basics—who God is, who we are, how did life begin, what is God’s purpose, what is sin and where did it come from, who is Satan and where did he come from, what are Satan’s strategies and how can we defeat him and have a victorious, purpose-driven life. In the initial Meditations for Mighty Men, there will be principles that helped men and women in the Bible become people of faith and action; and I share similar experiences from my long life which confirm that the Bible-God is alive and interactive in our lives.

Although the Barnabas project was originally designed for individual weekly internet study, several church leaders have suggested it would be suitable for small group discussions and asked me to draft discussion questions for each meditation. Therefore I will try to keep each series to six or eight lessons. If Pastors or Men’s leaders think it helpful to have a brief description of content in choosing one or more segments for small group discussion, I will try to accommodate them. But for the young person or new Christian needing answers to what life is all about, and/or how to get started on the pathway to heaven, this series of meditations can help. If God is nudging you to become a Mighty Man or Woman of faith, you can get your first Meditation for Mighty Men today and look forward to getting another one each week.

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  1. Dale, I just now have taken the time to look at your website and all that you have to offer. Congratulations. I will forward your info to my husband Charles. I know he will benefit from your meditations. He and I wish you and your family a most joy-filled Christmas.

  2. Praise the Lord!

    Dear Beloved Pastor in Christ,

    We Bring you Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    We visited your website and really blessed when we were going through your webpages. We thank God for the work you are doing for His Community. We are feeling that its great honor for us to pray for you and to communicate your noble ministry (organization) in this way.

    This is Pastor. G. Mohanarao from India. For the past ten years my calling has being to Gospel work for the Rural Villages and to Hindu people in India where there are no Churches and no other mission works. At the moment we have a planted a Church Located in Yeminenivaripalem Village in a rural community among the HIndu(Idol Worshippers) people.

    We would like to invite those who like minded Christian Organization to work with or associate with. We need missionaries or Christians with the heart for Church Planting, Crusades, Orphanages, Old Aged Homes, Discipleship or Mentoring, Preaching, Medical Care and other developmental Projects for the Needy People.

    We need your Leadership, Guidance, Fellowship and Prayers for our ministry to establish His kingdom.

    We would like to be a ministry partner with your blessed ministry.

    Can you please give us the possibilities and procedure for that.

    We would love to hear from you.

    Many Blessings!

    Yours in Christ,
    Pastor G Mohanarao & Bro G Ravi

    Our Web :

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